Becca Gould

Designer Athlete

What is English

by Becca Gould Design

Ever since the conception of social media, I’ve always had this notion that I had some important message I needed to convey to the world.

For 12 years, I’ve been struggling to figure out my motives for wanting to broadcast my thoughts into the social media void. I “feel” the message I want to express, but, frequently, I’d often fail at finding the right words to say.

For the longest time, I blamed my limited vocabulary. I knew deep down I knew less words in the English language due to the lack of reading and writing I did in my childhood. I read enough to get by in high school, but not enough to have the confidence in myself to have sophisticated conversations with my peers about various topics.

I felt embarrassed that I didn’t know enough, but like everything else in life, expanding my vocabulary is not a skill that develops overnight.

Worst of all, at times I wanted to read (and tried), I would end up falling asleep or giving up after reading a single chapter. How could I find joy in reading when all it did was tire me out due to eye exhaustion?

Audiobooks have helped get me through moments where I couldn’t focus on reading, but wanted to “read” the story. However, not every written book is going to have an audiobook to compliment it.

So what is the point of this journal entry anyways? What’s the point of rambling out this nonsense?

The point is this: even though growing up I’ve been discouraged to communicate my due to my “far-from-perfect” communication and writing skills, I’m not allowing that be a barrier from talking to people, new or familiar, on a daily basis.

I want to be someone that is able to not only communicate her thoughts, but defend her perspective and empathize & understand other perspectives.

My English mark was my worst mark in high school, yet here I am in working world doing communications as a living.

Don’t let school marks define you, because in reality, as long as you get shit done, put in the hard work inside and outside the office, and not be afraid of making a fool of yourself by asking stupid questions, people could care less about them.

Let your interests and passions be the definitions of your character.

Like they say in track and field workouts, “quality over quantity.”