So, on Wednesday October 12, 2016, I was out for a really easy run. I was trying to get back in shape, both physically and mentally. I was trying to find joy in running. So I brought my camera out and turned it into a photo run.
While coming back towards 10 Street Northwest, there was a parking lot and I could see my shadow stretch on forever. I turned around to face the sun, which got my creative juices flowing.
I found a traffic cone nearby and angled my iPhone against it. Then I stood in front of the sun, prayed for about 10 seconds, and got this shot as a result. I took a few more while the sun was out and finished up the rest of my run.
The second part - the wording aspect - came to me two days later on Friday around 11:30pm. I was feeling pretty down about little things, such as school, running, etc. as I was looking at photos of my friends running on Facebook.
Then I thought to myself, "Just Go Run Dammit!" Within 20 minutes, I was out the door.
The Saturday afternoon is when I put the composition together...while run commuting to the gym.
From a style aspect, I was heavily influence by Nike's "Just Do It" heavy weighted typeface, tight letter spacing and high contrasting colours. I replicated the words using the Fat Frank typeface and adjusting the letter spacing in Adobe Comp CC.

Photo taken on a self timer on iPhone 6 and edited using Adobe Comp CC and Instagram.

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