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Creating recap videos for Sport Calgary's event are one of the various tasks I do at Sport Calgary. The videos are created entirely by me (I record and edit the videos, including making the motion graphics in the video you see below from scratch.)
The purpose of the recap videos is to show the event in action and help promote for future events.

All Sport One Day 2018 - Recap Video

All Sport One Day 2018
All Sport One Day 2018 was my first event as Sport Calgary's Marketing & Events Coordinator, which took place only a month after I started. All Sport One Day is Sport Calgary's free sport day for kids that provides them a chance to try out a new sport for free. Sport Calgary partners with local sport organizations in the Calgary area to make this happen, with the sessions run by the sport organizations. This was a way to give kids a chance to try out the sport with no strings attached and give sport organizations more new members as a result.
Since I was still fairly new to the organization as well as their signature event, I kept things simple in the style of a simple reel with music to showcase the diversity of sports being offered (there's was over 30 unique sports taking place on one day and I only captured a handful of them in action.) The simple format also gave me a chance to learn about the logistics behind the event, which was something I was ultimately going to be taking over in the future.

Celebration of Sport 2018 - Recap Video

Celebration of Sport 2018
Celebration of Sport is Sport Calgary's annual fundraiser that takes places in early October. As this was a signature Sport Calgary event, the goal to capture a recap video of the event was the same. With this being my first sponsor event, I kept a similar format to the All Sport One Day video I captured back in June as Sport Calgary and the sport partners were happy with the amount of diversity I was able to capture in the video.
Since I was also responsible for other aspects of the event, such as printing posters and creating the program, I kept to my go-to format of compiling the highlights of the event as they happened into another simple reel with corporate music.

All Sport One City 2019 - Recap Video

All Sport One City 2019
This was my second All Sport event as Sport Calgary's Marketing & Events Coordinator. All Sport One City is Sport Calgary's free sport week for adults that provides adults the chance to try or rediscover a new sport for free. Same premise as the kids event, but for adults!
The format of this video was similar to the format of All Sport One Day 2018. Although I was familar with the event's purpose, I was also assisting a lot in the coordination of the event. So I again took the format of a simple reel with music to showcase the diversity of the sessions being offered during the event.

All Sport One Day 2019 - Recap Video

All Sport One Day 2019
Out of all the recap videos I have completed for Sport Calgary, the recap video for All Sport One Day 2019 I consider my best in terms of planning and executing. I was not only able to capture the sports in action, but I was also able to interview the parents and kids and ask them questions about their experience during the event. This was huge for Sport Calgary in terms of promoting future events to the public and potential sponsors.
Because accessibility was a big component of the All Sport events, it made sense to embed captions into the video so that people could read what was being said, especially some kids who were talking in the videos were pretty quiet.
We also had a chance to show off the new red shirts thanks to a title partnership with Players Bench Team Apparel. I also wrote up the interview questions as well as coordinated with parents that were happy to answer my questions. There were many times I had to adjust my questions on the fly based on the responses I received, which I had no problem with since I had a very good understanding of the subject matter of sport. :)

Celebration of Sport 2019 - Recap Video

Celebration of Sport 2019
This recap video of my second Celebration of Sport was more planned out that last year's. Not only was the music of the video more upbeat and driven, but it was also composed by me from scratch using GarageBand. 
I also had the opportunity to get a bit creative with our volunteer event photographer Tim Johnston in this recap by integrating his photos into the recap, which added a bit more pop into the video. The cuts were also a lot faster as well as the entire video was finished under two minutes in order to comply with Twitter's 2 minute video rule for social media.

All Sport One City 2020 - Recap Video

All Sport One City 2020
When I was planning out the recap video for All Sport One City 2020, I stumbled upon the song "Show Me Something New" by Shout Out Louds. The lyrics that grabbed my attention was "Show me something new." 
Since the video was for a free event and was not going to be used for non-monetary reasons, I decided to incorporate the song into the recap video and edited it so that it was focusing on the chorus "Show me something new" as the purpose of Sport Calgary's All Sport events is to show Calgarians something new in terms of a new sport.

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