Our People Welcome You is an ongoing promotional campaign created by the International Avenue BRZ that celebrates the diversity of International Avenue's business community. My primary duty as the International Avenue BRZ's Multimedia Content Specialist was to go out on site and take photos of the people that work for the local businesses on behalf of the BRZ.
Many of business community members are newcomers that have come to Canada from countries all over the world.
The photos were displayed for four weeks on the front page slider of the International Avenue BRZ website
It gives the viewer a look inside of the business and the people who work behind the scenes, as a result, humanizes the businesses. This was a great way of marketing for the family-owned and operated businesses on 17 Avenue SE. Photos are still used by the BRZ to this day.
Frank at Blaskin and Lane Tire Centre located on 17 Avenue SE in Calgary, Alberta
Zulekha at Nile Supermarket located on 17 Avenue SE in Calgary, Alberta
Nadir at Begim Restaurant located on 17 Avenue SE in Calgary, Alberta: Alberta's First Uzbekistan Restaurant
Ruth at Hdmona Eritrean Restaurant located on 17 Avenue SE in Calgary, Alberta
International Avenue BRZ "Our People Welcome You" Advertisement I created for the 2016 GlobalFest Fireworks Festival in Calgary. (All photographs - excluding photographs 5, 7, 11, 13, 15, and 21 starting from top left going right horizontally - are original photographs. The rest were taken prior to my arrival at the BRZ)

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